Gardening without a Garden

Who says you need a yard to garden? When we moved to a condo I immediately decided to dive in head first into container gardening. Designing with greenery for all seasons was a priority. The container below uses Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald and Gold', an evergreen in our flora, for year-round foliage interest. 

Working spring bulbs into the bottom of your containers will give you the same spring thrills as in a "terrestrial" garden. 

Ah...Chionodoxa forbesii. I always wanted to try this naturalizing darling in my old garden. Now its gracing my container garden.  

I also wanted to use as few annuals as possible. I find the traditional container gardening practice of potting spring annuals, then tossing them for summer annuals, then tossing those for fall annuals incredibly wasteful. Evergreen and perennial foliage plants are mainstays in my containers, with fewer annuals tossed in for seasonal display.

Fritillaria's bobbing heads are a springtime must-have.

Fritillaria..nuff said.

This container features evergreen Autumn ferns (Dryopteris erythrosora) and variegated box honeysuckle for year-round foliage interest. Two contrasting Fritillaria provide seasonal interest. All of these were potted last fall, survived the winter and now grace my small outdoor space. Welcome spring!