Leaving a Garden

A few days ago, I packed my bags to leave the Midwest and head to the Northwest coast, leaving behind my first garden. I imagine leaving behind your first garden is difficult no matter what the time of year, yet it seemed particularly heart-breaking to leave during early spring. After the long, cold, winter months, watching my mature garden slowly spring into life made this my favorite time of year.

As I shut the garden gate,  the flower buds are swelling beautifully, but I will be gone before I get to see the blooms one last time.  I take solace in the hope that  most of the plants will be at the peak of their bloom as the new owners move into the property, so that perhaps they might learn to love each specimen as much as I did.

Salvia nemerosa 'Machnight' first flower buds of the season emerge. This tiny bud will grow to be about a foot tall at full maturity.